Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program: Texas Loan Program

Texas Water Development Board (TWDB)

The Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF), which is authorized by the Clean Water Act and funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), provides below-market interest rate loans to applicants wishing to implement projects for estuary management, nonpoint source pollution management, or wastewater management. Applicants can be cities, counties, districts, river authorities, and private owners. Funding can be used for planning, design, and construction of projects.

CWSRF can be used for wetland projects. According to the EPA, wetland projects are usually categorized as nonpoint source management plans or are included in estuary management plans. Constructed wetlands can be considered wastewater or stormwater management projects. Wetland projects that can be funded by CWSRF are wetland restoration (cleanup and enhancement), wetland protection (riparian or other buffers and wetland purchases), and constructed wetlands for treatment of stormwater or wastewater. No less than 10% of CWSRF funding (dependent on sufficient eligible applicants) is dedicated to green infrastructure, water or energy efficiency improvements, or other environmentally innovative activities.

CWSRF loans are up to 30 year long-term fixed-rate loans, with certain disadvantaged communities and qualifying green projects being eligible for some loan forgiveness. A number of requirements apply. Information on requirements can be found at the CWSRF website.  TWBD accepts projects for CWSRF at the beginning of March of each year and will continue accepting projects until funding is fully utilized.

Program Page

Getting Started:

  • Interested applicants are encouraged to work with their local regional project implementation team.  This team serves as a single point of contact for you and can answer any funding questions and discuss potential projects.
  • Applicants for CWSRF funding are encouraged to schedule a pre-application conference with TDWB.  This meeting will include discussion of eligibility of project and of the applicant for financial assistance through CWSRF program and general technical and legal requirements and provide assistance for completing the financial assistance application.  A representative of the applicant, the consulting engineer, and the financial adviser are encouraged to attend this conference.
  • Completion of a Financial Assistance Application is required for all TWDB projects.

For more information on the financial assistance application and on scheduling a pre-application conference, visit TWDB’s Frequently Asked Questions – Non-Governmental/Private Entities

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