Upper Texas Gulf Coast Land

The upper Texas Gulf Coast is an abundant and diverse wilderness, home to the bustling Houston-Galveston metropolitan area, and an important economic and industrial hub for the United States. Growth of a healthy economy and preservation of natural resources in our area are not mutually exclusive ideas. Residents on the upper Texas coast do not have to travel far to enjoy hiking and horseback riding in area forests or relaxing in the sand and bird watching on our beaches. Every year visitors to the Texas Gulf Coast bring money into the economy as they enjoy wildlife photography and fishing in our area.

As Houston-Galveston region grows, it will be important to guide development away from ecologically sensitive areas, and to preserve important areas that provide ecological services to the region such as river bottomlands, freshwaters wetlands, and tidal marshes and estuaries. Understanding the important yet often unseen role wetlands and other land types on the upper Texas Coast play will help facilitate and further support natural resource conservation and enjoyment for many more generations.

Land Use and Types on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast






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